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Price list for gift boxes

GIFT BOXES with indindual design Gift box "Cube" - a base of cardboard, pasting with designer paper to choose from


Size :     10,5х26х26 см       9,5х24х24 см        8,5х22х22 см
Minimal circulation : 10 pieces
Price :        100 pieces / 510₽ per piece             500 pieces / 490₽ per piece            1000 pieces / 480₽ per piece
Boxes can be of different colors, as well as complemented with ribbons of various shades. It is possible to brand the boxes in the corporate style. As decorations used tracing paper. Please check with our managers for details.


+7 (495) 644-98-94                                  MAIL@REPUBLICMSK.RU

27 July 2016